Ezekiel Kemboi Endorses Raila As President; Calls Himself Odinga’s Lastborn

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  • He branded himself the 'Amolo' Surname, to show just how serious he meant that he was Odinga's lastborn son
  • The athlete affirmed that his presence in Raila's team guaranteed that Azimio would solve all problems facing the Kenyan youth.

Famous athlete Ezekiel Kemboi has on 31st July, 2022 endorsed the former Prime Minister as the next president of the republic of Kenya. Speaking in Uasin Gishu County, the 3-time world-champion emphasized that the Azimio bandwagon is the right team for the presidency.

The Amolo Surname

He branded himself the ‘Amolo‘ Surname, to show just how serious he meant that he was Odinga’s lastborn son.

“Mi nimekuja hapa kama last born wa Baba. Kwa majina naitwa Ezekiel Kemboi Amolo (I’ve come here as Baba’s last born. My name is Ezekiel Kemboi Amolo),” he said.

The athlete affirmed that his presence in Raila’s team guaranteed that Azimio would solve all problems facing the Kenyan youth.

Youth Affairs

“Mkiona niko hapa, maswala ya vijana nitashughulikia. Hamtakuwa mnapiga simu. Mimi mwenyewe nitakuwa nyumbani. Mi nitawakaribisha nyumbani,” Kemboi reiterated.

Raila Odinga and Martha Karua assured Kenyans that all their troubles and problems will be sorted out once they assume presidency and deputy presidency respectively.

Junet Mohammed particularly assured the residents of Uasin Gishu and Nandi County that farmers will greatly benefit from the Raila-Karua government.

No One Has Threated You!

The campaign trail that started in Nandi country progressed to Uasin Gishu where Karua pointed out that Ruto was a liar. She called off DP Ruto asking him to stop spreading false information to Mwananchi.

This comes after William Ruto, on the 29th of July, asked Uhuru Kenyatta to spare the lives of his children. His running mate also mentioned that the Jubilee chieftain issued threats to him. In the campaign trail, that was still in Uasin Gishu and Nandi, he alleged that Mama Ngina was responsible for the demise of J.M. Kariuki.

Martha Karua rebuked the claims and asked her nemeses to ask for more protection from the government if either felt threatened.

She emphasized that it was uncouth for politicians to raise fear among Kenyans by claiming that their lives are in danger.

“I urge the DP, If you think anyone in your household is in danger, please assign officers to them. And if the officers aren’t enough, you’re employed by the State, ask for more officers,” she said.

“But I urge you, please do not lead our nation towards the wrong direction, saying things you know are not true like that your family is in danger.”

Maintain Peace. Don’t Bleed for them to lead!

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