Eboda vs Uber: What’s the Difference?

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A quick look into the transport industry and you will realize that artificial technology is taking over the trade faster than human beings expected. Software technologies such as Eboda and Uber have seemingly made transport easier and accessible to anyone, anywhere. You may have used one of these intelligent apps. I am sure you noticed their efficiency.

Bodaboda operators waiting for customers

In the race to the finish line, Uber is constantly improving their app experience and adding more features. Among them is food and other commodity delivery. The piece of software has gained a trust amongst many users and has already started taking route in Kenya. Eboda on the other hand, is a younger version of the app, that has chosen a different niche, that is the bodaboda transport sector.

Eboda App Logo

Owing to the fact that many youths in the country depend on this trade to make a living, it is important to notice that the app developers saw a loophole in the industry and decided to fix it. These app-based services may seem interchangeable but there are significant differences between the two, that you should take note of.

Uber app mainly involves taxi drivers that operate in cities and towns. The app is efficient in areas with well developed tarmac roads, as the taxi driver will most likely prefer to transport customers to areas that are least likely going to damage his/her automobile. This is the main reason why the app is mostly used in areas like Nairobi and Kisumu and less used in towns like Kisii and Migori.

Bodaboda riders

The Eboda app on the other hand, has proved to be efficient in modern towns, suburbs and rural areas as motorbikes can traverse almost any terrain, as compared to a taxicab. The app therefore creates a broader network where customers and riders can interact to realize greater consumer interaction throughout the nation.

Customer support is a critical factor in assessing Uber and Eboda. Uber headquarters are based outside Kenya, as compared to Eboda. Therefore, in a situation a problem arises between a rider and customer, locally based support will work best, and consumer satisfaction is attained.

To use the Eboda app to access more efficient transport services, click on the link below to download the app from google playstore 

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