Details Of Rigathi Gachagua’s Son Who Is A Medical Doctor And Siblings

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Left: Rigathi Gachagua, Middle: Dr. Keith Gachagua, Right: Dorcas Gachagua

Surprising details have emerged about DP Rigathi Gachagua’s last born son, Keith Ikinu Rigathi, who managed to top in KCSE, clinching position 19 out of over 500,000 candidates that sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam in the year 2010.

Keith Ikinu Rigathi KCSE and Employment as a doctor

Keith, an alumnus of Alliance Boys high School, attained a solid mean grade of A plain, of 86.92 points. Among male students that year, he ranked position 13, and despite his wealthy background, proceeded to join the University of Nairobi to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He proceeded with the course for the next 6 years graduating in 2019, an achievement that was highly praised by DP Gachagua.

H.E. Rigathi Gachagua pointed out that he and his wife Dorcas Wanjiku were very proud of their son, Keith, who had managed to become a doctor. He stated that they were very proud young parents as they watched their son being awarded the MBChB degree.

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At the time, Gachagua reminisced his time in the same university, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and International Relations.

After completion of his internship program, he started working in Mbagathi District Hospital, where according to his father, has been selflessly helping the sick by working long tiresome hours.

List of all children of Rigathi Gachagua

First born son

Kevin Gachagua – A software engineer

Second born son

Keith Ikinu – A medical doctor

DP Gachagua regrets having only 2 kids

According to a post by Tuko news, DP Gachagua regretted having only two children with his wife Dorcas, and blamed it on Wazungu (the British colonialists).

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DP Rigathi lamented that if his house is really because both their sons have grown up and sought their own lives. He said that a house can only be good if there are many kids who will grow up and help each other out, just like his elder brother (bereaved) did.

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