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Raila a Reincarnation of Nelson Mandela; Top Ugandan Newspaper Says

According to a newspaper article posted online by ‘The Observer’, a top

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KBC Deletes Tweet Showing Raila As Winner With 7.07M Votes

KBC Channel 1, allegedly posted provisional presidential results depicting Raila as the

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Roles Of Kithure Kindiki As CS For Interior & Coordination

Cabinet Secretary For Interior and Coordination Functions.

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Ruto Cabinet Secretaries Assume Office Officially, Full List Here

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Details Of Rigathi Gachagua’s Son Who Is A Medical Doctor And Siblings

Surprising details have emerged about DP Rigathi Gachagua’s last born son, Keith Ikinu Rigathi, who managed to top in KCSE,

Roles Of Kithure Kindiki As CS For Interior & Coordination

Betting Control and Licensing Border Control Point Management Citizenship and Immigration Policy and Services Civilian Oversight over Police Criminal Investigation

10 Cops To Battle Out For Kinoti’s Job at DCI

Since the closure of the application window, 10 people among the initial 253 applicants have been shortlisted. The officers are


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