Top Business Ideas for Women in Kenya

This article extensively explores 13 promising business opportunities and ideas for entrepreneurial women in Kenya.

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Kenya has made significant progress in empowering women economically in recent years. The introduction of a new constitution in 2010 brought reforms to give women equal rights and opportunities in all spheres. However, women still face challenges accessing capital, markets, training and assets compared to men. Starting a business allows Kenyan women to take control of their economic destinies. This article explores 13 promising business opportunities for entrepreneurial women in Kenya.

1. Agribusiness

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy accounting for about 26% of GDP. This presents lots of potential in agribusiness. Women can venture into areas like contract farming, beekeeping, greenhouse farming, fish farming, poultry farming, food processing and more. Demand for agricultural produce and food is ever-rising both locally and internationally. Women like Evelyn Namuye who runs a successful rice farm are proving that agribusiness can be highly empowering.

2. Retail Stores

Operating a retail store is a time-tested business model that is lucrative for many women entrepreneurs. Retail stores provide consistent cash flow when well-stocked. One can focus on general merchandise or specialized products like clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, furniture, and more. Retail spaces can range from stands in markets to rented store premises. Juala Ramadhani is an example of a successful female retailer in Kenya.

3. Beauty Care

The beauty industry is booming in Kenya, driven by image-conscious millennials. Women can tap into this demand by starting salons, spas, barber shops or manufacturing beauty products. Training is available locally in skills like hairdressing, makeup artistry, manicure and pedicure. Women like Anasa Makeup founder Anastacia Mukabwa have built thriving beauty ventures.

4. Tailoring and Dressmaking

Fashion-conscious Kenyans provide a ready market for skilled dressmakers and tailors. This business has relatively low start-up costs for equipment like sewing machines and materials. Women can provide made-to-order clothing services for specific clients or sell pre-made designs. Partnering with models, designers and fashion houses opens more opportunities. Well-known examples are Ann Njogu of Kiko Romeo and Lydia Okemwa.

5. Food Delivery Kitchens

As more people order meals online, food delivery kitchens are in high demand. Women can cook up popular local delicacies or niche cuisines for home delivery. Most essential equipment is catering-grade cooking items plus bikes or a motorbike for deliveries. Marketing through social media and food booking apps helps grow your clientele. Check popular brands like Kalimoni Greens and Nyama Mama for inspiration.

6. Event Planning

Kenya’s event industry is rapidly expanding. More people are hiring event planners for weddings, corporate functions, parties, conferences and more. Women can offer full-service planning or specialized services like catering, venue decor, photography, entertainment etc. It takes creativity, organizational skills and good networking to succeed. Target promotion at organizations and online platforms listing events.

7. Consultancy Services

Women with extensive experience and expertise in fields like HR, IT, marketing, healthcare, finance etc. can monetize their knowledge through consultancy services. It entails advising businesses and organizations for a fee. Flexible working models are possible through online platforms like LinkedIn and freelancing sites. Grow your reputation and clientele through content marketing.

8. Home Daycare Centers

With more nuclear families and working parents, quality child daycare is in high demand. Women can run licensed centres from their own homes to provide supervised care, learning and meals for children below school-going age. Reputable centres get steady business through word-of-mouth and mothers’ referrals. Focus on safety, nutrition and early childhood development activities.

9. Auto Garage & Mechanic Workshops

The automotive sector in Kenya is growing at 12% annually providing opportunities in repairs and maintenance. With training, women can open garages and mechanic workshops to fix cars, motorbikes and machinery. Specialize in common services like electronics, tyres, brakes, or bodywork. Equipping a basic workshop has reasonable costs. Market to car owners, car dealerships and transport companies.

10. Cleaning or Laundry Services

Outsourcing cleaning and laundry services is gaining popularity among busy urbanites. Women can capitalize on this by offering professional cleaning of homes, offices, cars, upholstery etc. Laundry services with pick-up and delivery are also highly convenient. Focus on efficiency, reliability and using eco-friendly products to build your reputation. Provide additional services like ironing for extra income.

11. Food Kiosks and Restaurants

Food kiosks serving fast breakfasts, lunches and snacks are hugely popular in Kenya’s cities. For slightly higher investment, women can also run sit-down restaurants focusing on themes like local cuisine, coffee shops, health foods or baked goods. Choosing the right location and providing quality fresh food is key. Excellent examples to learn from are restaurants like Talisman and Purdy’s.

12. Handicrafts and Souvenir Production

Kenya has vibrant cultural handicraft traditions. Women artisans can generate income by making and selling handicrafts locally and internationally. Common crafts include sisal baskets, beaded jewellery, wooden sculptures, kiondo bags, maasai shukas etc. Sell via online stores, exhibitions, cultural centres and hotels. Build partnerships with tour companies for exposure.

13. Technology Services

For tech-savvy women, Kenya’s booming digital economy provides avenues like app development, technical writing, programming, web design and more. One can freelance online or start a small agency matching skilled professionals to business needs. Develop a strong portfolio and online presence to reach potential clients. Successful women in tech like Nanjala Nyabola prove this field’s potential.


Kenyan women have amazing entrepreneurial potential. Despite challenges, a mix of creativity, skill development and the right support can unlock success. Savings groups and networks like the Kenya Women Finance Trust provide mentorship, training and financing for women-led ventures. With proper planning and passion, enterprises in any of the 13 ideas above can enable women to attain financial independence and empowerment.

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