Exploring AvaTrade: A Comprehensive Brokerage Review

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AvaTrade Overall Rating

Let’s talk about AvaTrade and whether or not you should use it as a forex broker in Kenya.

First things first, I’d have to give them credit for the prompt customer support they have, especially if you are a first-time user of the brokerage platform. Secondly, this broker offers a wide array of trading information that may be beneficial to a forex novice. This article will review the AvaTrade forex broker, listing its strengths while contrasting its demerits.

Let’s dive in!

Introduction to AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Trading Homepage

AvaTrade’s user-friendly platform serves as a strong foundation for traders of all levels. The web-based platform and mobile app offer intuitive navigation, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to access a wide range of financial markets. The platform’s clean design, coupled with customizable tools and indicators, enhances the trading experience. Additionally, the availability of demo accounts allows traders to practice their strategies risk-free before diving into live trading.

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In a hurry, here is a summarized review:

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Range of Instruments

AvaTrade boasts an impressive array of trading instruments, including forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and more. This extensive offering enables traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various markets from a single platform. This diversity can be particularly appealing for those seeking to capitalize on different market trends. Here is a comprehensive list of the instruments you will find on the broker platform:

  1. Forex (Foreign Exchange) pairs
  2. Stocks (Equities)
  3. Cryptocurrencies
  4. Commodities
  5. Indices
  6. ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)
  7. Bonds
  8. Options (Availability may vary)

Regulation and Security

Regulation is a crucial factor when evaluating a brokerage’s credibility. AvaTrade holds licenses from reputable financial authorities, such as ASIC, FSCA, and others, depending on the region. This regulatory oversight adds a layer of security and ensures that the broker adheres to strict financial standards and practices.

Account Types

AvaTrade provides a range of account types tailored to different trading needs. These may include standard accounts for retail traders, Islamic accounts, and professional accounts with enhanced features for experienced traders. The availability of multiple account options caters to traders with varying risk appetites and strategies.

Educational Resources

For beginners looking to expand their trading knowledge, AvaTrade offers a plethora of educational resources. These resources may include webinars, video tutorials, e-books, and market analysis. By providing educational content, AvaTrade demonstrates its commitment to supporting traders in their journey to become more informed and skilled.

Below, we have compiled a list of resources from the AvaTrade platform for your review:

  1. AvaTrade E-book – Access here
  2. AvaTrade Academy – Has videos and tutorials from experts. Check Here
  3. Ultimate Forex Webinar for Beginners – Check here. If you face issues with these resources, comment down below.
  4. Forex News – Check here

Customer Support

Efficient customer support is vital in the world of trading, where real-time assistance can make a significant difference. AvaTrade provides multiple channels for customer support, including live chat, email, and phone support. The broker’s responsive support team can address queries ranging from technical issues to account-related concerns.

As I mentioned earlier, AvaTrade has very prompt customer support that is ready to help you with any information or resource that you may need to kickstart your Forex journey.

Spreads and Fees

Like many brokerages, AvaTrade generates revenue through spreads and fees. While spreads can vary based on market conditions and account types, the transparency of these costs allows traders to make informed decisions. It’s recommended that traders review the fee structure to ensure alignment with their trading strategies.

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Generally, however, you will need at least $100 to open a trade through this platform.

Is AvaTrade safe for Kenyan Traders?

AvaTrade has garnered more than 200,000 registered clients globally, and more than 2,000,000 trades made globally. This is clear proof that AvaTrade is a reliable and safe Forex broker for both international users and Kenyans.

According to FXSCOUTS, some of AvaTrade’s recent awards include:

  • Most Trusted Trading Platform Europe 2022 (International Business Magazine)
  • Best Mobile Trading Platform 2022 (Investingoal)
  • Best Overall Broker 2022 (Daytrading)
  • Best Broker UK 2022 (World Economic Magazine)

More features from AvaTrade:

Trading ConditionsFeatures
Account NameRetail
Trading DeskMarket Maker
CommissionFees Included in Spread
EUR/USD0.90 pips
GBP/USD1.60 pips
USD/JPY1.10 pips
Negative Balance Protection


AvaTrade’s reputation as a respected brokerage is backed by its user-friendly platform, extensive range of instruments, regulatory compliance, diverse account options, educational resources, and responsive customer support. Traders looking for a comprehensive trading experience across multiple markets may find AvaTrade to be a suitable choice. However, as with any trading platform, due diligence is crucial. Prospective traders should consider their individual needs, risk tolerance, and trading goals before choosing a brokerage.

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AvaTrade Overall Rating
Regulation 4
Trading Conditions 4.5
Trading Platforms 4.5
Deposit & Withdrawal 4.5
M-Pesa Support 1
Education & Research 5
Assets Available 5
Customer Service 5
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