I can’t act for President-Elect Ruto in the Supreme Court, Says Ahmed Nasir

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Senior Counsel Ahmed Nassir has today revealed that he will not be part of the battery of lawyers that will be representing Dr. William Ruto at the supreme court.

This information came to light on the 22nd of August 2022. The established lawyer said that he wants to but cannot be allowed to, as he was previously a lawyer to Uhuru Kenyatta, back in 2017 when Raila Odinga filed a petition against the election at that time.

What does the Constitution Say?

According to the constitution, any party that is not satisfied by the outcome of the election, has a right to file a petition within 7 days after the results declaration by the IEBC chairman.

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According to Ahmed Nassir, the Azimio battalion has put together a group of 30 lawyers who have put together a ‘watertight’ case against IEBC. The senior counsel stated, in his twitter account, that  the Azimio lawyers were intending to persuade the apex court to declare Raila Odinga as the president elect instead of IEBC’s William Ruto.

Ruto’s Battery of Lawyers

In relation to this, Ahmed Abdullahi Nassir was listed as part of the lawyers meant to represent Ruto in court, among others such as former Attorney General Githu Muigai, and UDA member Kithure Kindiki.

“I want but I can’t act for President-Elect Ruto in the Supreme Court. I’m conflicted. In 2017, I acted for outgoing President Uhuru against Hon Raila. Now that Uhuru’s project (Hon Raila) is challenging Ruto’s victory obviously Uhuru will object & raise clients-Advocate privilege,” Ahmed Nasir said in a tweet.

The lawyer continued by saying that he will be updating Kenyans through his twitter account. He explained that he will be highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of Raila Odinga’s petition at the Apex Court.

“Starting kesho (tomorrow), I will run a Twitter commentary on the Supreme Court petition that will be filed by Hon Raila. I will appraise the strength and weaknesses of the case, the responses by the respondents and jurisprudential clues we should look for from the 7 judges.  Will predict the decision.”

Tomorrow, in the captioned speech statement above, refers to 22nd August 2022.

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