4 Reasons Why Riders Choose eBoda App

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Kisii-based Icons Hub company has taken a dive into the transportation industry, seeking to revolutionize the bodaboda transport sector.

The company released its mobile application eBODA, that is set to play a big role in the modernization of motorbike transport in Kisii county, and the rest of the country.

eBODA app is currently available for both android and iOS operating systems. The app seeks to connect riders and nearby screened motorbike riders that are identifiable through their blue reflector jackets.

So why choose eBoda instead of finding a ride yourself?

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Fast Trips Any Time, Almost Anywhere

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eBODA app is designed for convenience. Workers with tight schedules do not need to stand and wait for the next available operator. The app allows passengers to be picked up in a timely manner, and transported to their destinations quickly and efficiently.


The eBODA operators are extensively scrutinized and verified by the icons hub team to ensure that all their operators have been certified by the government to transport passengers. This effort has been directed towards reducing the number of accidents caused by reckless operators.

In the month of May 2022, a form two student and a motorbike operator lost their lives to a gruesome accident that left them terribly deformed. Despite accidents being unpredictable, the eBODA app has taken a step forward in trying to prevent them.


Eboda app users are guaranteed security as the details of motorbike riders are stored in the Icons Hub servers, such that no operator will be tempted to harass or even rob you, as they risk heavy penalties that could include jail term, depending on the kind of legal action that will be taken.

Passengers don’t have to worry about phones, laptops etc., being stolen by rogue bodaboda operators. The Icons team has got you covered.

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Late-night party goers also benefit

Odd hours of the night may find you stranded in the middle of town with no one to ferry you to your residence. If you are lucky to find one, you will probably be overcharged. This problem has been solved by the standard transport rates, that will vary only according to the distance you will travel. You can now stop worrying about paying Ksh.500 for a distance that you would have otherwise used Ksh.100.

Utilize this opportunity and make bodaboda transport better by downloading the eBoda app. It is free in playstore!

Download the eBoda app ⬆️⬆️

eBODA mobile app revolutionizes bodaboda transport within Kisii County and Kenya at large

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