2022 Election Rigged? An Exposé Into Misinformation In Kenya


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  • It’s up to you as an individual to filter what to take in and what NOT to.
  • Daily Hub conducted a survey in Nyamira county, from villagers of Nyabigege ward.
  • Several others have taken Dennis Itumbi’s tweets as the gospel truth.

The Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna has expressed his concerns over information spreading like wild fire in social media. Mr. Oguna expressly stated on Friday 12th August that some Kenyans are using this social media, especially twitter and Facebook, to spread misinformation.

The spokesman expressly stated that false information is food to ill-will and violence. He explained that this information is aimed at a targeted audience.

“The rights we enjoy, including utilizing social media as a platform to communicate, should be exercised responsibly. We are a unique island of freedom in a sea of restricted rights. We enjoy unfettered freedoms in almost all dimensions of social life,” he said.”

Rumors Debunked

Fake Statistics from Twitter

False election images and videos are being shared all over WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. In a particular image that surfaced on the afternoon of Thursday 11th August, information therein stated that the IEBC had been compromised, and that is why the media houses stopped displaying their tally results. The image provided information that was quite controversial. It is for this reason that the image has been uploaded in our telegram channel instead of here.

Junet’s Video Accusing Kenya Kwanza of Rigging

In addition, a video surfaced around 11th August 2022, where Junet Mohammed and several of his colleagues are spotted in a room, holding election material that include already marked ballot papers and stamps.

In the video, an unidentified lady claims that rigging votes is not a democratic move by the politicians. A man in the background is also heard saying that Nairobi gubernatorial votes were rigged, and Polycarp Igathe was the victim.

Despite the presence of Junet Mohammed in the video, one cannot surely claim that the allegations are right. Politicians and social media influencers are doing everything in their way to make Kenyans believe information that may include lies.

Reasonable Examples

An example is Edwin Sifuna’s tweet that Raila Odinga had won the elections, and Dennis Itumbi’s tweet that stated that DP William Ruto had won the elections, even before the IEBC announced the presidential results.

Itumbi’s Tweet

In matters relating to twitter accounts, the Official Jubilee twitter handle expressly stated that Hon. David Murathe did not own a twitter account and that an imposter was spreading misinformation through a fake account that is named after the later.

Meanwhile, Miguna Miguna in Canada congratulated William Ruto for winning the election, even before the IEBC announced who the president was.

Miguna Miguna’s Tweet

­Survey In Nyamira County

Daily Hub conducted a survey in Nyamira county and from the data collected from villagers of Nyabigege ward, false information has become a cancer. From the reports collected, several individuals think that there is something malicious going on in the IEBC. Several others have taken Dennis Itumbi’s tweets as the gospel truth and are waiting for William Ruto’s swearing in as president. Further, Raila supporters are claiming that Citizen TV is the only media station that has the right tally results.

The information in the area is and should be regarded as false, as no evidence has been provided in regard to these allegations.

False information is unacceptable! Kenyans are eager to know who their next president is and anyone taking advantage of Mwananchi’s emotions should be barred from using social media.


Note how propaganda and misinformation is like a cancer in the Kenyan society. It’s up to you as an individual to filter what to take in and what NOT to.

Remember, Don’t Bleed for them to Lead!

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